Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vegas, baby! (Out with the Old, Part 2)

Between the two sidewalk sales that we recently did.  I took a quick road trip to Vegas with Sis and Bonnie-Blue to check out the spring shows.  It was great to have help with the massive trade shows going on --- Magic, Pool, Project, and even the WWIN show.  There is a ton of product to check out, and it's a great way to see what the coming trends are along with any lines that can add some variety to the ME & Blue boutique.  Since opening in 2009, I have focused on having around 90 % of my own ME & Blue designs in the boutique. Recently I've decided to refresh the boutique and to add in some other lines that complement the collection.  Out with the old ways, baby!

We woke up early on a Tuesday morning and arrived mid morning to start checking out the shows.

    Bonnie-Blue came along and was frequently shouting and waving "Hey Peoples!" at the buyers.

    My favorite show is the Pool Tradeshow.  It features up and coming and independent designers.

    This booth at ENK drew me in with their tie-dyed selections.  Bonnie-Blue was getting her ya ya's 
    out before taking a nice, long nap.  

    Right before we left, we smiled for the group selfie.  Sis, Bonnie-Blue, and me.

    A few Magic show tips & tricks

    1.  Comfy shoes - always.

    2.  Map out who you want to see before you start walking the show.  I make a beeline for my "must
         see" lines, then check out the other vendors along the way.

    3.  Business Cards.  A lot.

    4.  BYOW  - Bring your own water.  They have it there, but having your own on hand is faster and
         a lot cheaper.  I stocked up in LA beforehand, but there is a CVS near the Hard Rock Hotel
         where we stocked up after day one.

    5.  If you want to skip the casinos, I suggest Rumor Boutique Hotel.  If you want to party, well... it's
         Vegas!  There are LOTS of choices.

    6.  If you are bringing a kid - it's not recommended.  But my hubby was out of town, and this was
         the best alternative.  Be prepared to sign waivers to get them in.  WWIN won't let them in at all,

    7.  Another kid tip- stock up before you get to the convention centers.  Be armed with your stash of
         diapers, wipes, crayons, Kindle (Dora! We love you).  And whatever else you need to get your
         work done, and your kid taken care of and entertained.

    So long, Vegas!  See you soon.

    XO, M.E.

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