Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A day off!

In the midst of getting ME & Blue up and running here in LA, I got an invitation from Dave (black hat) to go to Santa Cruz Island for the day. His boss, Frank (beige hat) All I knew was that it involved a boat ride from Ventura, CA to this island and that we needed to bring all of our own food. Layers of clothing, good walking shoes, and sunscreen were also needed. I'm so glad that I said "yes!" to the invite. The day was majical. We were up by 5 AM, and drove to the boat to meet our group. The ride there was cold, but the Island Packers boat had some hot cocoa to keep me warm. When we arrived, we were told that the only things that we were to take from the island were photos. And plenty of photos were taken. I left that day with a hint of sunburn, and the best day off that I've had in awhile. From seeing amazing morning glory flowers, beautiful succulents, sea lions, and listening to birds chirping, to a restful nap on the rocky beach, and the suprise of whale watching on the boat ride home, I was so happy. There's something to be said for no cell phone reception and just having a day off. Somedays you just need to push the "mute" button and see what happens.

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