Tuesday, August 11, 2009

layering bracelets... studded, mixed metals, and more!

I just got in some fun jewelry.   I can sense that the seasons are going to change, and sometimes all you need is to mix up your accessories if you're not ready to go full force into buying for the coming season.  
I've noticed a lot of "friendship" bracelets...but I'm seeing a more sophisticated, yet fun way to wear bracelets that will happen this fall.  Less flimsy than fabric style friendship bracelets, these are looser on the wrist, and are either bangles (wide or tiny), or big cuffs.  I like the idea of mixing both gold and silver.  

What's fun about this look is that you can layer what you already own with newer items.   And you can hear the clank.clank.jingle as you move your wrist. 

Images and ideas...all bracelets are $15 - $35 each
* A tray full of studded bracelets at the boutique
* Metal mixed with wood - I like the multi gold bangles
(36 tiny bracelets in the set make a big impact!) 
* Mix a big cuff with vintage bracelets  
 (My own vintage bracelets from my mom).
* A tray full of bangle bracelets 
(and slinky vintage ones, too!)

Warning! Warning!  Don't overdo on the stud details, 
you risk looking a bit dominatrix-y (as my boyfriend noticed recently).  
Instead, use a touch of the studs in a softer, less
bright metal (pewter vs. shiny silver, brass vs.
super crazy gold), then mix the two colors together.
Most of all...have fun with it.   XO, M.E. 



  1. Hi! Just stumbled on your blog from IFB. I'm really liking what I see- the studs..EVERYTHING..and just every bangle in that tray! X

  2. I love your boutique! You have fabulous clothes and jewelry. I would love to talk to you about our t-shirt line. Check out our website and let me know if you would be interested in ordering or consigning some items. Great store!!



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