Saturday, August 8, 2009

Musicians & the ME & Blue dresses they wear...

I tend to chat with my customers and find out where they're from, what they do, what makes them tick.

A couple of fab musicians have come in lately and loved the store...and walked away buying one-shoulder dresses.

Here are some images of them in the dresses...and links to their music & CD's. When they come into the boutique, they make me smile. They love what they do and it shows... Enjoy!

Lisa Nemzo - shown above in the Goddess dress in the fabulous flame print...
Lisa Nemzo's Website

Maesyn - shown below in the Julianna dress
Maesyn's Myspace Music Page

XO, M.E.

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  1. Cool to find out about your shop- I'm a big Lisa Nemzo fan



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