Friday, August 7, 2009

Venice street style --- in a mini form.

Meet Ruby. She comes over to the boutique from Big Red Sun (owned by her mom, Selena). She has fab style and has been giving lots of style suggestions today. So I looked at what she was wearing today and decided to share HER style sense with my customers. 9 year old Ruby loves layering at least 2 (if not more necklaces). Lately she's been wearing a floppy hat with her daily outfits (except when going to bed, or when it's super hot here or in Austin, TX). Hat - Urban Outfitters, Peace Necklace - a friend's 8 year old birthday party giveaway, skunk and "Ruby" necklace - given to her by a friend of the family, long crochet pouch - a gift from the Easter Bunny. Dress - borrowed from Mom (now her's!). Paper bracelet - a leftover from an inner tubing trip taken a couple of weeks ago. Macrame friendship bracelet - 3 of her friends have it. Leather "Live In Love" bracelet given to her by her mom. Chipped nail polish from CVS. When I asked her what her thoughts were on style, she simply said "It's Cool."
Look for more style inspiration on the blog. XO, M.E.

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